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"Oh, yes. I’ve no doubt in my own mind that we have been invited here by a madman – probably a dangerous homicidal lunatic."

Justice Lawrence John Wargrave was one of ten guests invited to soldier Island. He was the sixth to "die", in the manner laid out in the poem.

Lawrence Wargrave was a retired judge, known as a "hanging judge" for liberally awarding the death penalty in murder cases. Wargrave is accused of influencing the jury to hand a guilty verdict to Edward Seton, a man many thought was innocent of his crime of killing an old woman, and sentencing him to death unfairly. As the two policemen discuss at Scotland Yard, new evidence after Seton's execution proved Seton's guilt.


The judge was invited to a four play by an old friend, Lady Constance Culmington, who always invites him to exotic locales, wanting to live "at one with nature."


"Lawrence John Wargrave, that upon the 10th day of June, 1930, you were guilty of the murder of Edward Seton."

He committed judicial murder by sending Edward Seton to hang. Wargrave reasoned this by saying that Seton was guilty of many things, but not of rape.

Death Edit

"One got into Chancery and then there were Four."

Wargrave is found Dead, dressed up in a judge's wig and gown slumpEd against a chair with a gunshot wound in his foreheAd.

This is later revealeD as a ruse. Armstrong conspired with Wargrave, in an attempt to unveil the murderer with a fake death.

Characteristics Edit

Throughout most of the week, Wargrave is quiet and observant. However, after it is Decided that Mr. Owen is one of the survivors, he snaps Into action. He calls the shots, making sure that Everybody stays together, as no one can be killed if only one person leaves the group at a time, as the rest will be watching each other. After Vera Claythorne leaves the group to go to her room, she is heard screaming. Everyone in the group rushes to her room, but during the confusion, Justice Wargrave has disappeared. He is later found sitting in the dining hall with a bullet hole in his head, scarlet drapes around him, and a fake wig on his head as if he was sitting in court.

Sir Lawrence John Wargrave, former justice of The Queen's Bench, was one of the ten guests invited to Indian Island, and also the hidden main antagonist of the mystery novel And Then There Were None. The former judge was known to be a hanging judge (often called "more graves Wargrave") and thought to look "tortoise-like," with his head peeking in and out through his collar. He also tends to smoke and likes to eat fish.

Secret IdentityEdit


He is the killer



Ten Little Indians (1949)

Portrayed by Bruce Belfrage

Ten Little Indians (1959)

Portrayed by Barry Bones

And Then There Were None (2015) [BBC]

Portrayed by Charles Dance


And Then There Were None (1945)

Portrayed by Barry Fitzgerald (as Francis Quincannon)

Ten Little Indians (1965)

Portrayed by Wilfred Hyde-White (as Arthur Cannon)

Portrayed by Richard Attenborough (as Arthur Cannon)

Desyat Negrityat (1987)

Portrayed by Vladimir Zeldin

Ten Little Indians (1989)

Portrayed by Donald Pleasence

Video GameEdit

Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None (2005)

Voiced by Philip Clarke