William "Mr." Blore

William Henry Blore was one of the ten guests invited to Indian Island. The bluff, corrupt former-policeman was called by the assistant commisioner as "a bad hat." When he introduced himself to the other guests he went under a false name as a part of scandal.


Blore was hired by Owen as a private detective. He was supposed to keep an eye on Mrs. Owen's jewels, and "snoop" on the other guests.


As a policeman, he lied under oath to send an innocent man, named Landor, to jail, Just to get a promotion at work

Island Events

Throughout the week, Blore tries to remember the face of Landor. He can see the face of Landor's wife and daughter, and is only able to recall Landor's face the night before his death. Blore remains suspicious of many of the guests, often announcing his fears only to find out the guest he accused is the next person to die. Blore is suspicious of Lombard throughout most of the book. This turned out to be false.



Ten Little Niggers (1949)

Portrayed by Campbell Singer

Ten Little Indians (1959)

Portrayed by James Kenny

Zehn Kleine Negerlein (1969)

Portrayed by Werner Peters


And Then There Were None (1945)

Portrayed by Roland Young

Ten Little Indians (1965)

Portrayed by Stanley Holloway

Ten Little Indians/And Then There Were None (1974)

Portrayed by Gert Frobe (as Wilhelm Blore)

Desyat Negrityat (1987)

Portrayed by Aleksei Zharkov

Ten Little Indians (1989)

Portrayed by Warren Berlinger

Video Game

Agatha Christie: And Then There Were None (2005)

Voiced by Neil Dickson